How to Select the Right Floor Mats For Your Business?

Floormats are more than decorative items that attract people’s attention to your building. They have many useful purposes.

You will see a lot more foot traffic at the entrances and ends of your buildings. These areas are where goods and stock pass. Traffic can eventually cause damage to your floors, and carpets in particular. This wear and damage can lead to a higher risk of slips. Non-slip mats protect your floor, customers, and employees. These are especially important in areas that are susceptible to slippages. Remember to budget for any costs you may incur if staff or customers slip on your business premises.

The mats will also reduce noise levels when people walk into and out of your premises by cushioning their footfall. If your employees have to stand for a long time, this protects their feet from the hard floors.

Mats can improve the overall appearance of your establishment. Outdoor Mats Reduce dirt, grime, or liquid from people’s shoes and boots. Indoor mats will enhance the appeal of your indoor space. Remember to use indoor mats for advertising your brand or products!

Floor mats can protect your floor as well as your staff and customers. Recycling mats indicate your company’s commitment to its environmental responsibilities.

What Is The Main Type Of Mat?

You can choose from either the following mat types when you decide what kind of mat to use:

Entrance Mats

Our entrance mats are made from revolutionary, 100% recycled, and stain-resistant fiber. It is paired with an ingenious temperature-resistant rubber back, which ensures your mat will lay flat. They are also ideal for placing high-traffic areas such as corridors in front or near water coolers. This will help to reduce slips and falls and prolong the life of your flooring.

Where should they be placed?

They can also be placed in high-traffic areas, such as corridors by water coolers or in front of vending machines. This will help to reduce slips/trips while extending the life of your flooring.

Message /Logo Mats

A logo mats create an immediate eye-catching impression that will set the tone for your business. A company message mat will improve your safety and help reduce cleaning costs and prevent water and dirt from accumulating around the premises.

How should it be placed?

The branded mats work well in high-traffic areas like showrooms, receptions, and corridors.

Rubber mats

Rubber Mats are designed to prevent slips and accidents in wet and slippery environments, such as gym-changing areas. Standing water from the shower can make it dangerous.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

These anti-fatigue mats were designed to reduce the fatigue, pain, and stiffness resulting from prolonged standing.

How should it be placed?

Anti-fatigue mats can be used at customer service counters, reception desks, supermarket counters, workstations, and other areas.

Outdoor Mats

The outdoor rugs let liquid drain through their drainage holes quickly, while the suction cup backing holds the rubber mats in their place.

After people have entered the building, they can use wiper mats to remove dirt or dust from their feet as they move around.

You should consider installing all three types to ensure effective dirt management.


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