How Foreigners Invest In Turkey by Opening a Bank Account   

Anyone investing in Turkey, national or foreign, must open a bank account to function in the market correctly. Therefore, monetary transactions and the deposition of share capital are crucial steps before company registration in Turkey. In addition, the new company needs to produce all its associated documents in the bank. 

The documentation must contain the potential tax number clearance issued by the authorities of tax in Turkey.  Then, while opening the bank account, the company ambassadors take charge. 

Importance of a Corporate Bank Account in Turkey 

The bank account plays a significant role for anyone investing in a foreign land in 2022. A foreign national can open various kinds of funds depending on the regulation of the Turkish banks. Again most banks provide services through which the corporate bank accounts operate. The two fundamental reasons that indicate the necessity of corporate bank accounts are:

  • For the deposition of share capital
  • The completion of transactional details

The company formation in Turkey is the next step after the preliminary stage of a corporate bank account in Turkey. 

Steps To Facilitate Turkish Bank Account

The company must first acquire the tax identification number to create a corporate bank account. To start a company, you must possess the following documents.

  • Valid documents associated with the new company
  • A specified application form 
  • Address proof of the company with a valid and registered address 

First, requests the tax number before opening the account.  The documents above undergo verification while setting up a corporate bank account. In addition, the company will have to produce the name of the company representative taking hold of the report. The newly created tax number is also a part of the validation. It is also a significant factor in Turkey that foreign investors can start any account through the power of attorney protocol.

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