What Is Backlink And Its Types You Must Know For SEO

Google algorithms are changing every time. Only one element still used by the markets or SEO significantly to boost the ranking on the first page of search engines is a trusted backlink. One of the most significant elements of SEO is building quality backlinks. Companies who want to improve their traffic must establish a link with reliable and authentic websites. The search engine will crawl to your website and help you secure the top rank on the search engine result page. This page has four different types of backlinks, enhancing your SEO ranking.

What Is Blacklinks?

When one website links to another website’s page using another website’s anchor text, this is called a backlink (inbound links, incoming links). Backlinks are viewed as “votes” by Google and other major search engines, which indicate a page’s relative importance, quality, and authority. Pages with lots of relevant backlinks typically perform well in organic search.

Four Different Types Of Backlinks

· Editorial Backlinks

You can embed this type of link in evergreen content. Content like infographics or articles uses editorial backlinks as a source of information.  An editorial link can make your position as a leader in your industry. You should use content that is simple to share and alluring to go viral quickly.

· Guest Blogging

The primary goal of writing guest posts is to attract particular groups of people. So, selecting reliable and good sites to use the prospect is essential. Guest posts with hyperlinks are more suitable for outreach to your customers.

· Acknowledgement Backlinks

Acknowledgement backlinks are another best tools to increase your website branding. Marketers use these links mainly during brand sponsors, a company’s event, CEO or other representatives communicating etc.

· Badge Backlinks

Another smart way to get high-quality backlinks is badge backlinks. Generally, other authentic websites award these badge links as a symbol of rank. It is how you can earn your audience’s trust using badge links from reputable sites. You need to search for a group offering these badge backlinks to get these backlinks.


As a market or SEO specialist, developing high-quality backlinks is essential to rank your website at the top of the search engine. It is always better to prioritise the quality of your backlinks over the quantity.

These four backlinks will help you to take your website to the next level. Therefore start preparing a potential backlink-building strategy for your business.

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