What to Wear This Summer in the Construction Industry and Why

There will soon be a mass exodus of American workers on vacation. Yet, both business and residential construction peak in the summer. When trying to stay cool and safe in the summer, there are several unique challenges that must be overcome. This highlights the significance of wearing protective gear that is appropriate for the season.

More than forty percent of all work-related heat deaths occur in the construction industry. This is why, in addition to breathable clothes, we have a wide variety of breathable gloves. In addition, we have goggles with anti-fog technology that is six times more effective than standard goggles and UV protection that is 99.9% effective.

Relax and enjoy life

Everyone in the building trade knows that high-contrast colours improve workers’ safety and visibility. This is due to the fact that they reflect the great majority of the light and absorb only a negligible amount of it, making them ideal for usage in low-light conditions.

Darker colours have the opposite effect; they help you blend in better with your surroundings since they absorb so much of the light. Infrared radiation, often known as the sun’s heat, however, shares some of these same properties. If you must go out in the sun, dressing in loose, light-colored clothing can help you stay a little bit cooler.

During the warmer months, personnel wearing dark uniforms may appreciate having something more airy to wear to work. You or one of your workers’ lives could be spared with its help. For summer protection you need to be specific.

Stay Out of Sight

Although it is recommended that construction workers avoid direct sunlight as much as possible during the summer months, it is inevitable that some exposure to the sun will occur. Therefore, it is crucial to take measures to shield oneself from UV rays, which can cause serious skin damage. Despite 8,500 new cases of skin cancer per day, only 18% of people who work outside report using sunscreen while on the job every day. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher that provides broad-spectrum protection. If you know you’re going to be sweating a lot, choose a waterproof solution.

In addition to sunscreen, you should wear PPE that protects your neck from the sun, such as a boonie cap. The ears, which are often the first to suffer from sunburn, are shielded from the rays by these items of PPE.

Working with wet concrete necessitates the use of protective clothing, such as long sleeves and trousers. They can also offer much-needed protection from the sun’s rays. MCR Safety’s HiVis Class 3 long sleeve shirts include birds eye mesh, keeping you cool and protected while you work.

The Proof Is There In Front Of You

The eyes are also suffering from the intense summer sunlight. Exposure to UV light has long been linked to cataracts, macular degeneration, and astigmatism. Protective eyewear that blocks at least 99% of UV rays is essential for preventing age-related changes to the appearance of your eyes. You can rest assured that your eyes will be protected from the sun when you wear any style of MCR Safety eyewear, as they block out 99.9 percent of UV rays. There is no valid excuse for not protecting one’s eyes, especially when so many options are readily available.

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