A Reliable Transport Company Will Ship Your Vehicle From California To New York Safely

Shipping your vehicle from California to New York involves one of the most popular and busiest vehicle transport routes in the United States.

Nicknamed the “Golden State”, California is located on the Pacific coast, bordered by Oregon in the north, Arizona, and Nevada in the west, and Mexico in the south. The capital city is Sacramento and Los Angeles is its largest city.

New York, being a world-famous state and nicknamed the “Empire State” is located in the northeastern of the US. The state is popular for its vibrance and is a major cultural and financial center of the nation. The state capital is Albany.

Hiring a reliable vehicle transport company

Whether you are shifting to New York from California for professional or personal reasons, you might be worried about getting your precious vehicle transported.  Ship A Car, Inc. takes away that worry off your shoulders. They are experts in shipping any kind of vehicle, freight carriers, and heavy haul equipment from one state to another anywhere in the US including Alaska and Hawaii.

They have direct access to the largest carrier network,which has proper license and certification. This makes the process of transporting your vehicle from California to New York safe, easy, and reliable. They charge no upfront cost. Their dedicated transport coordinators work with the carriers and will keep you updated about the movement of your vehicle.

Although you may only have contact with the transport coordinators, just be rest assured, that the company has an entire back-office team who works diligently just for you. Their Dispatch Specialists quietly work behind the scenes, ensuring that your vehicle is booked, loaded, and dispatched by the Transport coordinators through qualified transport carriers that are just perfect for your particular move.

Estimated transit period

The distance between California and New York is around 3,000 miles and the estimated transit time is 6 to 8 days. The estimated shipping cost depends on factors like the

  • Kind of vehicle you are shipping
  • The timeframe you intend to ship
  • Pick-up location in California
  • Drop location in New York
  • Whether your vehicle is in running condition
  • Kind of service you are interested in, whether Open, Enclosed, or Expedite shipping

Most shipping companies have an online quote calculator on which you can calculate and get an accurate shipping cost from California to New York cost and also get an instant quote.

Mode of transport

There are two kinds of carriers, open and enclosed. Open transport is the common method for shipping a vehicle. They can carry 8 to 10 cars. The cars are hauled and secured tightly on the carriers but they remain exposed to weather, road dust, and debris.

Enclosed shipping methods are usually recommended and preferred for shipping classic, luxury, or vintage vehicles. They have limited carrier availability and guarantee maximum protection as the vehicles are safe from any open-air elements on the road.

Select your preferred mode of transport and prepare your car for shipping from California to New York. Follow the details guided by the shipping company you have booked to ensure a safe and easy transport process.

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