The 10 Best Hinges Manufacturers And Suppliers in the USA

High Quality Hinges: A List of Top 10 Manufacturers and Suppliers in USA

Hinges are an essential component in a wide range of products, from doors and windows to cabinets and machinery. As a result, there is a high demand for quality hinges in the USA. If you’re on the lookout for reliable and reputable hinge manufacturers and suppliers in the USA, here are the top ten best options to consider:

  1. Stanley National Hardware: With over 150 years of experience in the industry, Stanley National Hardware is a leading manufacturer of hinges in the USA. They offer an extensive line of hinges for residential and commercial applications, including concealed, decorative, and heavy-duty hinges.
  2. Soss: Soss is a well-known name in the construction and architectural industries for their unique and patented invisible hinges. They design and manufacture high-quality, invisible hinges that provide a clean and contemporary look to a variety of products.
  3. Salice America: Salice America is a US-based subsidiary of Salice Group, a leading European hinge manufacturer. They specialize in concealed cabinet hinges, drawer slides, and other hardware solutions for the furniture industry.
  4. Hettich: Hettich is another well-established hinge manufacturer that has been in business for over a century. They produce a wide range of hinges, including concealed, butt, and decorative hinges, for both residential and commercial applications.
  5. Blum: Blum is a global manufacturer of cabinet hardware, including hinges, drawer slides, and other accessories. They are known for their high-quality concealed hinges that offer superior durability, smoothness, and adjustability.
  6. Amerock: Amerock is a leading supplier of decorative hardware and hinges for residential and commercial applications. They offer a wide variety of finishes and styles to suit any design aesthetic.
  7. Liberty Hardware: Liberty Hardware is another trusted supplier of residential and commercial hinges. They offer an extensive line of decorative and functional hinges, including heavy-duty, continuous, and concealed hinges.
  8. Grass USA: Grass USA is a subsidiary of the European Grass Group, a leading hinge manufacturer. They specialize in concealed hinges and drawer slides for the furniture and cabinetry industries.
  9. Rockler Woodworking and Hardware: Rockler is a well-known supplier of woodworking and hardware products, including a wide selection of hinges for cabinetmakers and woodworkers. They offer a variety of styles, finishes, and sizes to fit any project.
  10. Hardwaresource: Hardwaresource is a comprehensive supplier of hardware solutions, including hinges for residential and commercial applications. They offer a broad range of hinge styles and sizes, as well as customization options to meet unique project requirements.

These ten manufacturers and suppliers are among the best options for quality hinges in the USA. Whether you’re a furniture maker, contractor, or DIY enthusiast, you’re sure to find the right hinges for your project from these trusted suppliers.

Discover the Best Hinges Brands in America For Your Next Project

When it comes to undertaking any project that requires hinges, sourcing the best brands is crucial. One of the leading hinge manufacturers and suppliers in America is TALLSEN. Known for their high-quality service and cost-effective products, TALLSEN offers a wide range of hinges that are suitable for various furniture manufacturing applications.

Their hinges have received high praise from customers both domestically and overseas, and they have been recognized as the most professional cabinet hinge manufacturer in the market. TALLSEN hinges are meticulously designed by senior designers, ensuring that they are superior in both quality and functionality. This makes them the go-to choice for furniture design and manufacturing companies.

Whether it’s for a new project or a replacement, TALLSEN has the best hinges brands that can meet your requirements. With their commitment to excellence, you can be assured of getting the best products that will last for many years.


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