Everything You Need to Know About Telehandler Hire

Working in industries where you require the regular use of telehandlers requires good management of resources. If you need different types of telehandlers, or different types of telehandler attachments for various tasks and jobs, it is important that you have access to the latest, safest models of telehandler. Working with a plant hire company provides you with this type of access whilst also ensuring that you have specific professional guidance to pick out the best model for your specific needs, site task requirements and budget.

What are the benefits of hiring a telehandler?

There are a few reasons why you should look to hire a telehandler and to take advantage of one of the most popular and effective pieces of machinery and equipment you can hire for any site and project.

Versatility – The first big benefit is that telehandlers are incredibly versatile. They provide the operator with a wide range of uses and capabilities, and when you consider how great telehandler attachment hire now is, this versatility increases even further as a telehandler is turned into a skip, a crane, or a forklift depending on the task at hand.

High load capacity – Telehandlers are fantastic for lifting heavy loads, and safely lifting those loads to great heights. When compared with forklifts and cranes of a comparable size, telehandlers provide greater strength and manoeuvrability. The flexible boom allows large load capacities to be moved within the tightest of spaces and the highest of heights on site.

New models for greater emissions standards – Used within many different sectors – from construction through to agriculture – the latest models of telehandlers have at least a stage V emissions rating, making them the best choice when working towards a significant reduction in your carbon footprint and ideally towards net-zero emissions.

Various sizes – Telehandlers come in a wide range of sizes, meaning that no matter what project you are working on and the size of the site in question, you’ll be able to find the right type of telehandler hire to suit your needs.

Off-road driving – The capabilities of telehandlers include that they can be driven both on the road and off it. So, even though they are fitted with heavy-duty tyres, they can also be registered for road use, making them a great tool for moving loads from site to site, as well as over rough, uneven terrain on site.

What about telehandler attachments?

The other thing to be aware of with telehandlers is that you can easily hire telehandler attachments from your plant hire service. As we have already briefly mentioned, this makes a telehandler even more versatile than it already is. You can add buckets, carriages, forks, platforms, or specialised lifting hooks and the like to completely transform how you can use your telehandler on site.

Now that you understand a little bit more about the process of telehandler hire and maximising the potential of a plant hire company in general, get out there and find the plant hire service that works best for your needs. Each company, site, and project are unique, but if you know for certain that you’ll require the use of telehandlers over the course of multiple projects it is vital that you have the correct telehandlers for your needs. Find a plant hire company that offers you the latest models, prioritises safety features, and ensures that you have access to the right type of telehandler to suit your needs.

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