Pallet Inverters – Which Industry Finds It Useful?

Pallet inverters enable manufacturers and distributors to easily switch one pallet for another by allowing them to display a large amount of merchandise at a 180° angle. The pallet inverter rotates a frame to transfer weight, stack pallets in a warehouse, or place them in shipping containers. The equipment is hydraulically activated by an operator who travels in a vehicle that resembles a forklift vehicle. Using a pallet inverter removes the need to manually transfer goods from one pallet to another or manually stack pallets. 

Businesses use a pallet inverter for safety and increased output. When moving goods by hand, workers run the risk of being scratched as they lift or turn pallets when they shift during the process. Pallets can be moved about a warehouse using hand trucks or forklifts but transporting items from one pallet to another is more difficult and time-consuming.

Pallet inverters are easily available in the market, but quality and reliability are the key features that should be looked into. Toppy offers more than 50 different models of volteador de palets. Toppy Srl was found in 1978 in Bologna. Initially, the company produced only limited trucks and machines for the graphic sector, but now they have also added machines for the output sector. You can find a semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet inverter at Toppy. 

Who Uses Pallet Inverter?

Food Industry

The main consumers of pallet inverters are food and pharmaceutical companies, which are required to change the arriving product from wooden to hygiene pallets to be used in manufacturing areas. This primarily applies to industries that produce goods with a wide variety of ingredients, such as biscuits, cakes, snack foods, ready-to-eat meals, health foods, etc. The packaging material is also required because the food has to be moved.

Pharmaceutical Industry

In the manufacturing process, pharmaceutical products are typically palletized on plastic or other high-quality skids, but for distribution, cheaper expendable pallets are used. A pallet transfer device gives the option to immediately distribute the product onto the most suitable kind of unit before shipping. Although a producer might not have known the final destination of the goods at the time of production, they today have the flexibility to transfer them to the pallet that is most appropriate for the target market.

Other users 

  • Printers must print on both sides of the paper.
  • Manufacturers of MDF board and other laminated products.
  • During the maturing process of cheese.
  • For long-term storage, vineyards will allow the cork to swell in the bottleneck before turning them 180 degrees.
  • To remove the steel mould, concrete sections can be turned upside down.
  • For a better presentation at the supermarket, bananas are turned once they have ripened.

Benefits of Pallet Inverters 

  • It is a cost-effective and efficient device for companies who want to save money on labour costs, workplace injuries, and damage to products. 
  • The massive piece of equipment does the difficult, time-consuming tasks for you, which means less labour is required and more time is saved.
  • Pallet inverters can move, store, and stack pallets more effectively with greater stacking capacity, less hassle, and almost no damage to the products.

When you have a pallet inverter for your business, you wouldn’t need any other devices for the handling process. Instead of employing a large staff at one work, you can use a pallet inverter for numerous tasks. 


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