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Time is a precious commodity in the world. With so many things competing for our attention, staying focused and working is more important than ever.

The handy feature of NotesOnline is the ability to clone notes. With just a couple of clicks, you duplicate any note you’ve created and use it as a starting point or template for new notes. This saves you time spent rewriting the same information over and over. Instead of starting from scratch each time, you clone a note and customize it for your current needs.

Reuse structure and formatting

The biggest time saver with cloning notes is the ability to reuse an existing note’s structure and formatting. For example, if you frequently need to create notes that have headings for goals, strategies, and action items, you make a template note with that structure. Clone that master note anytime you need to write a new strategic plan. The sections are already set up – all you have to do is fill in the details. Similarly, cloning lets you reuse formatting like bullet points, text styling, embedded media, tables, etc. Applying professional formatting from scratch is time-consuming. By cloning a note where formatting is already dialed in, your notes will keep a consistent style every time.

Standardize commonly used info

Cloning also comes in handy when you need to reuse standard paragraphs or chunks of information across multiple new notes. Say you regularly share the same company overview background in proposals and reports. Or maybe you find yourself re-listing the same qualifications in bios and resumes. Rather than retyping these common blocks of text, clone them from an existing note and then customize them as needed. This also applies to things like your address, boilerplate contracts, disclaimers, taglines – any standard text you use a lot. With NotesOnline, a single click clones this reusable content so it’s ready to paste into new notes. This saves retyping and keeps facts and details more accurate and consistent.

Quickly set up recurring templates

Cloning empowers you to create templates for notes you use regularly. Things like status reports, weekly to-do lists, client onboarding, research frameworks…almost anything you need to recreate from an existing structure. Simply clone a note and strip out any old details to make your perfect template note. Then just clone your template anytime you need that format again. Your recurring note framework will always be consistent with minimal effort on your part.

  • Meeting agendas you run weekly or monthly with team members
  • Project trackers to monitor progress and next steps
  • Client account overviews templated for each new account
  • Pitches and proposals formatted for easy modification
  • Expense reports and timesheets in line with company standards

The use cases are nearly endless once you leverage cloning to make template notes for repeat situations. Your productivity will benefit tremendously when consistent note formats are just a click away anytime you need them. For online notepad check


Cloning notes helps you work smarter, not harder. By reusing structure, standard information, and templates as starting points, it takes much less effort to create new notes with NotesOnline. The time savings quickly compound too. Even if it only takes you 2-3 fewer minutes per note, multiply that by the dozens of notes created weekly or monthly. Before you know it, those minutes saved turn into hours reclaimed in your schedule. Hours that now be reinvested into other important work.

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