Customer Data Leads to Better Communication: How Omnichannel E-Commerce Can Help You

Knowing your customer is vital to understanding their needs and wants. Once you determine your consumers’ interests, pain points, and communication style, you can learn a lot about what kind of product or service they’re expecting from you. With omnichannel communication, you can meet your client where they are to establish and continue a conversation. 

This is a great move for your business, and omnichannel software can support your business in this growth journey. 

Let’s take a look at how omnichannel e-commerce practices can help your business engage customers more, sell more, and even get valuable feedback about the products and services you offer — or the ones you hope to provide in the future.

Encourage a Connection With Market Research

Did you know that the way you’re corresponding with your customers might not be the way that they prefer? Contemporary consumers have expectations — and you can keep up, thanks to the beauty of omnichannel messaging. 

What does omnichannel messaging look like from a client’s perspective? If you’re an airline service and they called you last night at 9 p.m. after they put their children to bed wondering about their flight ticket or reservation, they might also need to reach out to you today at 2 p.m. while they’re at the office in the middle of the workday. It might have been convenient for them to reach you on speakerphone while they could be hands-free getting their infant into the crib, but at 2 p.m., it would reduce frustration if they could speak to you on a web-based chat while they’re working.

To figure out how to best serve those omnichannel communication needs, you can survey your audience. Using your omnichannel software, you can send out a survey asking about their preferences and promising a reward, like a 10% off coupon, if they help you by answering. Once you’ve collected the data, you know more about when and where your clients want to have these important conversations.

That way, when you do reach out, you’ll know how and when to do it — and you won’t annoy them. Instead, they’ll welcome your help. 

Foster the Relationship With Omnichannel Communication

An integrated customer relationship management (aka CRM) and omnichannel software can help you grow your relationship with your clients and prospects by answering them wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for them. This isn’t just a boon for your customer service efforts, though — your outbound messages will be more likely to reach consumers if you keep that important data in mind.

If you’re using omnichannel software to help you run ads, you’ll also be able to save some money and get the most bang for your buck by knowing which platforms to advertise on and when. These ads, as well as blog posts, social media posts, new videos, and other informative content, can help the customer initiate a conversation, making all of your content more valuable. 

Enhance Customer Service With Omnichannel Messaging

Lastly, your omnichannel e-commerce business can function more effectively in the realm of customer service, saving you time and money and increasing your productivity. Your clients can contact you on their preferred channel, and you can respond to them quickly.

With an omnichannel software solution like Mitto, you’ll be notified immediately when there’s a customer contact, engagement, compliment, or complaint. It’s a must-have for an omnichannel e-commerce setup.

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